Magic of Making Up – Is it Any Good?

by Daniel

The Magic Of Making Up – Information on the Break-Through Techniques

magicofmakingup book Magic of Making Up   Is it Any Good?The Magic of Making Up is not simply a new book on relationships. It has developed into a system to guide people through the murky waters of relationships. The initial release of the book developed a significant following. The author, T W Jackson, has developed several videos discussing the techniques in the book. It has become one of the best selling relationship books on the Internet. Both men and women will benefit by the information contained in this book.  If you want to go straight to the Official Magic of Making up website then click here.

Countless men and women have been devastated by an abrupt end in their relationships. Most feel blind-sided by their partner’s decision to end the relationship. When relationships end without warning, people are devastated. However, there were warning signs; they simply failed to recognize them. The insightful information in the Magic of Making Up helps people recognize the warning signs that indicate the relationship is in trouble.

The benefit of the lessons and techniques in this unique book has helped thousands repair relationships before they come to an end. The book begins with a section explaining why most relationships come to an end. Understanding this is important if you are considering the attempt to get your partner back or if you feel your relationship is worth repairing.

Features of The Magic of Making Up

A remarkable feature of Magic of Making Up is the section that teaches you how to assess your current relationship objectively. Without this crucial step, you cannot determine if the relationship is worth resuscitating. Many people will fight to keep a relationship going even though they are not happy in the relationship. Inevitably, after much heartache, it ends anyway. The techniques in the magic of making up for assessing your current relationship will help you discover the things that may be wrong.

Once you get through the step of assessing your current situation, you can make the decision to move forward if you believe your relationship is worth salvaging. If you decide to salvage it, the Magic of Making Up provides a unique systematic plan to help you save it. The most important part of the plan is you must take action. Simply reading it will not provide any results. You must be an active participant in salvaging the bond with the one you love.  The magic of making up is an action book, not just an informational book.

If your relationship has ended, there is no need to worry. The Magic of Making Up will provide you the tools to get your partner back in your life. Again, it will take action on your part. A wonderful section addresses the pain associated with a break up. The Magic of Making up provides methods to help you come to terms with the emotions. Once you gain control of your feelings, you will be able to put in motion several of the tips the book provides.

What’s Included in the Magic of Making Up?


The Magic of Making Up is different from most relationship books. It requires your active participation and will provide you with a plan that has worked for thousands of men and women. The plan establishes a time line to initiate the techniques provided in the book.

Magic of Making Up – Some sneak peak techniques

For example, one of the most profound techniques in the Magic of Making Up is the clean slate technique. Sadly, many relationships are doomed to fail because of baggage from previous relationships and people’s insatiable need to keep score. Any time one partner does something the other dislikes, a mental note is made. The next time an argument occurs, every mistake from the past is recounted and rehashed. The need to keep score on who is at fault or has made the most errors causes more damage to a fragile relationship.

The clean slate technique from the magic of making up, requires you to overcome the need to keep score of past mistakes. This is one of the hardest techniques to master. However, it is the most beneficial. It will improve your relationship and it will improve your life. This technique is about letting go of the past and focusing on the future. It allows you to drop the heavy baggage and make a fresh start in your relationship. It is a technique that has a profound effect on the way you live your life.

Cleaning the slate on your current relationship will allow you to create a fresh start for the relationship. This method is similar to finding a piece of antique furniture that is in desperate need of repair. Once you remove the dirt and grime, you realize you are in possession of a beautiful treasure. Letting go of the past is the key to this technique. However, it is one of the most challenging techniques the Magic of Making Up offers.

Another Magic of Making Up Technique – SNEAK PEAK!

An easier technique to master is the Instant Reconnect. Amazingly, this technique is incredibly simple. However, it is wondrously effective. The technique itself is almost laughable when you read it for the first time. It is a psychological trick to induce your partner into a moment of deejay vu. He or she will reflect on and remember positive moments you shared. While this technique borderlines manipulation, it is remarkably effective. Many people are surprised how simple it is. They are even more surprised when they discover it actually works.

While the Magic of Making Up is not a foolproof system, most people have discovered the techniques work if they follow the systematic approach. The advice and insight may not repair a current relationship; however, they will help you maintain a healthy future relationship. In addition, many of the techniques can be used in other areas of your life.

The best feature of Magic of Making Up is the author’s tone and his style of writing. The book is written in a conversational style that gets to the heart of relationships. You do not have to read hundreds of pages of technical psychological jargon. The book is easy to read and the plan is simple to follow.

Your success with the Magic of Making Up will depend on the effort you put into saving your relationship. Buying the book and reading it will not change anything. You must take action and use the tools the book provides.

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